Week 2 of the Feel Better Challenge Is Here!

Week 2 of the 21-Day Feel Better Challenge

Day 8: Saturday, August 8. Make Time for Your Passion:
This one is super important to me. I believe we all need to have something in our lives that we feel passionate about, outside of our families and our work. When we neglect our passions and the things our soul loves to do, it hurts us. Music, art, poetry, dance, and gardening are simple passions we forget about. I love to write, so today I am going to take 15 minutes to myself just to write. I love to feel my ideas flowing out of my fingertips onto paper. It calms my mind and keeps me grounded. What is your passion? Maybe something you haven’t done in a while? Make some time for it today, and before you do, take your daily dose of CBD. See what happens.

💡 CBD Pro tip: When my hands, joints or muscles are achy I like to use the Proleve menthol salve from the Pain Relief Trial Pack designed for pain relief. I apply to places that need extra relief.  Use a small dab and rub into places on your body that are sore.  This is perfect to use before or after your yoga practice, playing piano, painting, or gardening today.

Day 9: Sunday, August 9. Day Vacay.
Today my family and I are slipping away for the day. Whenever we get away, if just for a day or even for a few hours, I feel refreshed, I gain new perspective, and feel whole again. It’s amazing how being in a different environment, away from the energy of home and everyday stuff, can change your mood. The river is calling my name today. Where can you go to get away?
Make it simple. Take a drive, go for a walk, plan a picnic in your backyard. But get out of your normal routine. You will feel more like yourself. Remember to take your daily dose of CBD before you leave. Start tracking how you are feeling during the day while implementing CBD.

💡 CBD Pro tip: Before we go anywhere as a family I reach for the Envy 500 mg full spectrum strawberry watermelon CBD oil from the Low Dosage Bundle designed for stress. I take one half dropper under my tongue and hold it there for up to 60 seconds, then swallow. When I am having episodic moments of stress I love to use my CBD oil and within 15 minutes my stress levels go down.

Day 10: Monday, August 10. Drink Water.
So this one is easy but it’s easy to forget. Drink at least 8 cups of water today. More if you can. Most of us are mildly dehydrated throughout the day, which can cause headaches and make us feel tired. So today, drink more water than usual, and maybe add ice and some fruit for fun. I’m making fresh lemon water. Take your CBD midday and see what happens.

💡 CBD Pro Tip: For quick recovery after my yoga class, not only do I drink tons of water, but I like to use the CBD Recovery Cream from the High Dosage Bundle designed for pain. I take a small dab and rub it into my wrists, neck, and any other affected areas. The menthol in the cream creates a soothing effect while the CBD adds an additional boost of calm. It’s the perfect pairing after some restorative yoga.

Day 11: Tuesday, August 11. Call Someone You Love.
We are all feeling disconnected from the people we love right now. Feeling disconnected from others can lead to more anxiety and depression, make us feel disconnected from ourselves, and lead us to have sudden mood shifts throughout the day. Take a moment today to reach out to someone you love, or someone you haven’t connected with in a while. Schedule it so it happens.

What’s your CBD plan for today?

💡 CBD Pro Tip: When loneliness starts to set in, and my anxiety starts to increase when I think about how challenging these times have been,  I use my CBD oil from the Farmacy Bliss Wellness Starter Kit. I take a half-dropper of  CBD oil and hold under my tongue for 60 seconds, then swallow.  I use my CBD oil whenever I begin to feel anxious mid day. It helps to regulate my mood and decrease my nerves, allowing me to be more calm.

Day 12: Wednesday, August 12. Restore.
Today I invite you to stop what you’re doing in the middle of the day and take a few minutes to consciously slow down and let your body and mind restore. I like to go outside after sitting at the computer for many hours, lay down on a blanket, close my eyes, and just breathe. Something about being close to the earth and breathing calms my mind and helps me feel restored and fresh for the next part of my day. And when I add CBD into my rest time, I feel my nervous system drop back down. Try it.

💡 CBD Pro Tip: When I have been working long hours at my desk and aches and pains start to creep into my neck and shoulders, I reach for my full spectrum CBD salve from the Feel Better Bundle. I take a small amount and rub the salve into my neck and shoulders for fast pain relief.  I then take a break from my desk, go outside, and walk barefoot in the grass.  Pairing the soothing CBD salve with a restorative break from work helps me to get through the work day.

Day 13: Thursday, August 13. Read a Book.
Get off social media and the news! Try reading a good old fashioned book. A paper book, if you have one. Lately, when I feel the desire to check in with the news, I challenge myself instead to read a few pages in a good book. It takes my mind to a different place, lets me focus on something else, and calms my nervous system. We spend so much time on social media that we forget how healing a good book can be. Do you have a favorite book? Right now I am reading Glennon Doyle’s Untamed. It’s so good.

And don’t forget to take your CBD. Here’s a pro tip for the middle of the day.

💡 CBD Pro Tip: When the stress is starting to kick in from being on my social media feed for too long I like to put my phone down, grab the book that I am reading at the moment, and take a half dropper of the full spectrum CBD oil from the Medium Dosage Bundle designed for stress.  I hold under my tongue for 60 seconds, then swallow.  I wait 15 minutes and the stress I was experiencing mid day goes down.

Day 14: Friday, August 14. Move your Body.
It’s so important to schedule a few minutes a day to move your body. Movement can help relieve stress and pain, and help us sleep better. You don’t have to go to the gym or a fancy studio to get into your body. Take a walk, do a few stretches, or find an online yoga class. 

I will be teaching a short yoga class live on Facebook today at 9 am. Will you join me? If you do, be sure to take your CBD before you jump on.

💡 CBD Pro Tip: When I need long lasting relief from chronic pain I put on my CBD transdermal patch from the Relief Bundle. It’s quick and easy to put on and it can discreetly hide on my neck or lower back.  It can stay on for up to 48 hours and I don’t need to worry about needing to take more CBD, I just apply the patch and I am good to go.  Pair this with some movement such as walking or stretching so you can move the stress and pain out of your body. 

Okay, that’s it for week two. Be sure to schedule your time each week and have a clear calendar to make your self-care happen. Check your email each morning for a reminder from me and make sure to

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In Health and Wellness,

Michelle Long, MA  (Director of Health and Education at CBD Plaza)

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