This new sleep routine combines two CBD products for amazing sleep.

Need help falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer? Our CBD dosage experts have found the perfect sleep routine for you!

This nighttime routine combines two CBD products, with one product to help us fall asleep faster and another product to help us stay asleep longer. Here’s how it works:

  1. To fall asleep faster, take a CBD oil with melatonin 45 minutes before bedtime. CBD oils dropped under the tongue typically begin to work in about 20 minutes, so the CBD oil will be in full swing when you lay your head on your pillow 45 minutes later. This allows you to fall asleep faster, and our dosage experts recommend this Sunset Sleep oil.
  1. While CBD oils work rather quickly, ingestible CBD stays in your system longer, so it works for a longer period of time. To stay asleep throughout the night, our dosage experts recommend taking these Pure Sleep CBD soft gels at bedtime. These soft gels won’t kick in for an hour or so, and they’ll stay in your system so you can stay asleep all night.

We’re excited for you to try our new sleep routine, and we’re offering $10 off any sleep product at CBD Plaza with coupon code SLEEP10.

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