Reduce stress and relieve pain with a CBD treatment plan.

Every CBD treatment plan includes a monthly bundle of CBD, a daily CBD dosage plan, and a community for education and support.

Premium CBD Brands

Experience the healing power of CBD + self care.

  • Calm your mind and reduce stress.
  • Feel energized without jitters.
  • Reduce brain fog and improve focus.
  • Relieve excessive worrying.
  • Maintain your composure.
  • Relieve daily frustration.
  • Promote deep sleep.

A self care community powered by CBD

Monthly CBD Bundles

Each month we'll send you amazing CBD products that have been vetted by our experts for quality and safety. Every bundle includes two or more CBD items, and you'll never get the same product twice.

Daily CBD Plans

Every monthly subscription comes with a daily dosage plan from our CBD experts. They'll teach you how to use the products, when to take them, and they'll even provide personalized guidance if you have questions.

Online Wellness Classes

Self care works better when our minds and bodies are balanced. Get access to online classes for yoga, meditation and other natural wellness practices. Our expert teachers will help you calm your mind and soothe your nerves.​

Online Community

Community is everything. We believe healing happens faster together. Connect with other like-minded people, listen to talks with wellness experts, jump on a call with a dosage specialist, and learn all about healing yourself naturally.

Weekly Self Care Tips

Our holistic health experts designed this self care program so that it can be done anywhere, any time, with everyday items you already have. Committing just 15 minutes to self care every day can change your life.

Wellness Coaching

Connect with our wellness coaches and CBD dosage experts for 1-on-1 self care guidance. Whether you need help finding the right CBD product, or if you have questions about our self care techniques, we're here to help.

Choose a monthly bundle of CBD for pain or stress.

CBD Bundles For Stress

  • At least 2 CBD items
  • 1 or more CBD ingestibles
  • 3 dosage options

CBD Bundles For Pain

  • At least 2 CBD items
  • 1 or more CBD topicals with menthol or capsaicin
  • 3 dosage options

Which CBD treatment plan is right for me?

Step 1
Stress or Pain
Choose a CBD plan for stress relief or pain relief. We've curated amazing products to help with stress and pain, and each monthly CBD bundle comes with enough CBD for a month of relief.
Step 1
Step 2
CBD Dosage
Choose a CBD plan for your personal needs. We offer 3 CBD dosage options, and we recommend starting with the low or medium dosage CBD bundle if you're new to CBD.
Step 2

Verified for quality and safety.

Every item at CBD Plaza has gone through a strict verification process to ensure quality and safety. We start by finding the highest-quality CBD brands, with unique products and premium ingredients. We verify the hemp growing permits to ensure every product uses 100% legal USA grown hemp. Then, we analyze 3rd party lab reports to verify that what’s on the label is in the container. After that, our experts sample CBD products and we send you our favorites!

CBD treatment plans start at just $2 per day. That's less than a cup of coffee!


This plan is designed for CBD beginners and people with mild symptoms. You'll get 20 mg CBD per day, which is a low daily dosage, for just $2 per day.


This plan is designed to manage moderate symptoms. You'll get 30 mg CBD per day, which is a medium daily dosage, for just $3 per day.


This plan is designed to manage more severe symptoms. You'll get at least 40 mg CBD per day, which is a high dosage of CBD, for just $4 per day.

Our CBD experts curate each bundle.

Michelle Long, MA

Michelle began experimenting with CBD to self-treat her own health issues. The wellness program she developed for herself would go on to become The Treatment™, a natural wellness routine that incorporates a daily dose of CBD.

Director of Health and Education
Aaron Pomerantz

Aaron is the ultimate CBD connoisseur. He's been experimenting with CBD products for various wellness benefits since 2018. He's tried more than 100 CBD products and he knows a premium product when he tries it.

Chief Operating Officer
Heather Young, MA

Heather began dealing with stress and sleep issues after becoming a mom in 2015, so she launched a multi-year experiment and tried dozens of CBD products to find the right ones for her. She found huge benefits and CBD is now a staple of her daily routine.

Director of Client Services
Tom Young

Tom began experimenting with CBD by creating his own lotions in 2018. He saw immediate benefits and began exploring other products. He has sampled more than 100 CBD products and has deep knowledge of every aspect of the CBD production process.


Why a CBD Treatment Plan is the best option for you.

Take the headache out of shopping for CBD.

There are thousands of amazing CBD products on the market, which can make shopping for the perfect product overwhelming. Our CBD bundles are perfect for you if you don’t know which CBD product to buy or where to start. We take the overwhelm out of your shopping by providing you with a curated CBD bundle to address your personal health needs. From stress to pain, we’ve got you covered. Our experts vet each CBD product and curate the bundles for the best healing effects.

Never worry about how much CBD to take.

We know that it can be super confusing to figure how much CBD to take and when. With the monthly CBD plans, we’ve got you covered. Each month you will receive a CBD “treatment card” which gives you ideas of when and how to take your CBD. Our dosage specialists are on call for extra support as well, so you are never left hanging.

Mix it up.

It’s important to mix and switch up your CBD. When we find a CBD product that we really like, the effectiveness of the product may reduce over time. This happens for a couple reasons. First, we can develop a tolerance for CBD, which means we need higher doses of CBD over time. Second, CBD products from different hemp strains have different cannabinoids, and we can develop a tolerance for specific hemp strains. By switching up CBD products and brands, we can constantly alter the range of cannabinoids we consume, limiting the tolerance we build. This is what’s great with our CBD bundles and plans. You will never get the same CBD product twice.

Experiment and play.

Part of the fun of our CBD bundles and plans is that every month you get a new box of CBD to experiment and play with. Get out of your comfort zone. Try CBD oils and lotions, patches and bath bombs, soaps and balms. We’ll send you CBD products that you never would have bought on your own. You never know what you’re going to love and what may help you the most.

Stress or pain?

Everything is interconnected, and most of our ailments start with stress. When our nervous system is taxed we can experience symptoms like overwhelm, excess worry, lack of sleep, and overall flatness. Our CBD Stress bundles are perfect for similar symptoms. Pain symptoms, like achy muscles and joints, back pain, and sports recovery can be supported by our pain bundles. Either way you won’t go wrong.


Earn rewards for every purchase at CBD Plaza.

Low Dosage Plan
Earn a $10 reward when you subscribe to a low dosage CBD plan.
Medium Dosage Plan
Earn a $15 reward when you subscribe to a medium dosage CBD plan.
High Dosage Plan
Earn a $20 reward when you subscribe to a high dosage CBD plan.

Try New CBD Products  Every Month

Each bundle is different, so you’ll never get the same product twice.

The Results Are Real

"It changed my life!"

“I have found a special place for CBD oil in my life since I first tried it. I am really enjoying body oils that I have tried from CBD Plaza. Every morning it contributes to a sense of calm. It is very moisturizing and I love the smell.”

- Karin P.

"I don't feel so wound up."

“I experience moderate stress, usually felt when transitioning from my daytime active life to evening when things are supposed to be calm and quiet. I sometimes feel like my body and mind are whirring and I also worry about unnecessary things. I tried a CBD oil from CBD Plaza and it literally removes these unwanted feelings. There isn’t a steep change in how I feel physically or mentally. I just realize “hey, I don’t feel so wound up anymore! What a gift!”

- Elaine P.

"I can finally relax."

“I was willing to try anything to get a hold of my anxiety and when I started taking CBD from CBD Plaza, I noticed a difference within the first few days. I feel like I can finally relax and have a RESTFUL sleep again! Thank you so much!”

- Taiana J.

Your monthly CBD bundle may include...

Choose A CBD Treatment Plan For Stress Or Pain

CBD For Stress

Low Dosage

$ 59
99 Per Month
  • For CBD Beginners
  • At Least 500 mg CBD
  • Access To The Treatment™
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Save 10% Or More
  • Cancel Any Time
  • Free Shipping

Medium Dosage

$ 89
99 Per Month
  • For Everyday Stress
  • At Least 900 mg CBD
  • Access To The Treatment™
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Save 15% Or More
  • Cancel Any Time
  • Free Shipping

High Dosage

$ 119
99 Per Month
  • For High Stress
  • At Least 1200 mg CBD
  • Access To The Treatment™
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Save 20% Or More
  • Cancel Any Time
  • Free Shipping

Q & A

Each bundle comes with at least two CBD products.

The main difference is the category of CBD products. CBD plans for pain always have at least one topical CBD product with menthol or capsaicin, and CBD plans for stress always have at least one ingestible CBD product.

Hey, that’s our job! All bundles are curated by our CBD experts. They sample dozens of new CBD products each month, and their favorites are included in our bundles.

Return any item for any reason, within 30 days, no questions asked.

Cannabidiol, frequently referred to as CBD, is one of more than 100 cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. Cannabinoids are plant compounds that interact with human brain chemistry to affect our physiology and psychology. The hemp plant naturally contains more than a hundred different cannabinoids, the two most well-known being THC and CBD. THC is known for making people feel high, where CBD is known for providing a feeling of calmness and relaxation that helps relieve stress. Our wellness experts recommend using CBD as part of a broader natural wellness routine that allows us to destress and feel better.

CBD provides a calming feeling that helps us destress. Many CBD users report feeling an absence of stress and the feelings that accompany stress.

The main difference is that THC makes you feel high and CBD doesn’t. While some of the products in our CBD bundles include small amounts of THC, it’s not enough THC to make you feel high.

Our wellness experts recommend taking CBD daily. Most CBD routines consist of taking CBD in the morning and again at night.

Some CBD users feel the effects the first time, and others see effects after a week or more. For people who don’t feel the effects right away, we recommend waiting a week and increasing dosage if the CBD is still not effective.

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