The Treatment.

A CBD and self-care plan to melt your stress away.


Self-care is proven to calm nerves and lower stress. CBD enhances these calming effects. The Treatment combines CBD with self-care protocols and expert coaching so you can finally relax.

The Treatment is simple.

Subscribe to a monthly treatment plan with CBD and professional support.

A monthly box of CBD.

We listen to your needs and curate a box of naturopathic grade CBD just for you. Each month a box of CBD is delivered to your door.

Weekly wellness protocols.

Self care doesn't have to be complicated. We will guide you through simple ways to reduce stress and calm your mind.

Access to a self-care coach.

Expert support is crucial for real change. Each month you have access to our onsite wellness coach to answer your questions.

We are more stressed than ever.

Modern day life is filled with high anxiety and chronic stress. There are more uncertainties than ever, and at times life feels out of control. It’s easy to put ourselves last and ignore our bodies' signals and warnings. CBD and expert coaching can support you to stay grounded and calm. The Treatment is your answer to modern day stress.

You never have to shop again.

Buying and choosing the right CBD product can feel complicated and overwhelming. With The Treatment, we listen to your needs and recommend the perfect product for you. All of our products are naturopath approved, so you can trust you are getting the highest quality CBD. We do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on feeling better.


Reduce stress naturally.

CBD is a powerful remedy that has healing and calming effects for the body and mind. It’s a natural alternative to pain medication and drugs, and does not make you feel high. When combined with simple self-care like intentionally walking, breathing, and slowing down, you can reduce stress naturally and with ease. We will show you how.

We aren’t meant to do this alone.

We all need support and guidance, especially when stress levels are high. Self-care coaching can help you stay accountable to yourself and find simple ways to keep yourself calm. The Treatment provides you with a personalized self-care plan, daily protocols, and expert coaching with Michelle Long, our expert wellness coach. You will have a support system and a treatment plan to finally feel better.

Meet Michelle Long, founder of The Treatment.

Michelle Long, MA, is our in-house natural wellness expert. She’s been teaching yoga and self-care for 20 years, she has her Master’s Degree in Holistic Health Education, and is a certified health coach. She has spent her career building wellness centers and developing health programs that help people heal naturally. She faced her own health struggles in 2017, and western medicine did not have an answer. Michelle made it her mission to self-diagnose and heal. She focused on natural stress reduction remedies. CBD and self-care were her answer. Since then she has developed a simple healing process to help calm the mind and combat stress. The healing process is called The Treatment™, and it combines a daily dose of CBD with nurturing self-care routines for body and mind.

The Treatment monthly subscriptions.


Wellness Starter (Sour Gummies, Soft Gels and Body Lotion) - 370mg - Kore Organic

The Treatment.

A CBD and self-care plan to help you find calm.

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