Meet Our Founders

CBD Plaza is a boutique wellness company that was started by a group of close friends and family members from the San Francisco area. We’ve each gone through our own journeys with CBD and found different personal benefits, from different types of CBD products. We each abandoned careers that left us feeling burnt out and uninspired, to prioritize healthy lifestyles with purpose and balance. We believe that stress is deeply connected to sleep and pain, and that chasing our society’s definition of success leads to unmanageable stress levels that punish our bodies. We’re here to inspire others to go through their own wellness journeys, and to weave CBD into a broader natural wellness system that optimizes our lifestyles to destress, heal and find a sense of calm.

Here’s the story of how the founding team found their passion in CBD, and why they decided to launch CBD Plaza.


Tom Young


After personally experiencing the benefits of CBD in 2018, Tom began experimenting with creating his own CBD lotions. He shared the lotions with friends and family, and they came back begging for more. It was clear that CBD had real benefits, and that most people were completely unaware of how CBD could help them personally.

Later that year, Tom wanted to buy a CBD oil as a gift for his wife (you’ll meet Heather below), and buying CBD online felt like making an illegal purchase on the dark web. He wasn’t sure which product to buy, or which brands to trust, and ended up making a bad purchase from a sketchy company. There was clearly an opportunity to innovate the CBD shopping experience and protect shoppers.

A few months later, Tom began thinking about leaving his role as CMO at a successful advertising technology company. The stress had become physically unhealthy and Tom realized that no amount of success or money was worth his health. Happiness became the mission, and Tom began plotting a path that would allow him to prioritize a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It was no longer about chasing society’s definition of success and maximizing income, it was about chasing a lifestyle that balances work and life to maximize health and happiness. To do this, Tom partnered with his closest friends and family members, and they launched CBD Plaza with the mission of helping others find benefits from a lifestyle that prioritizes health, happiness and a boost of CBD.

Aaron Pomerantz

Chief Operating Officer

Aaron climbed the ranks of the corporate medical construction world, then bravely decided to leave it all behind and head out to travel the world solo in late 2017. After two years of crisscrossing the globe and chasing adventure, Aaron felt fulfilled and began plotting his return to the Bay Area and corporate America. He came home and started talking to his industry contacts about career opportunities, but the thought of returning to the corporate culture just didn’t resonate after two years of waking up every day and deciding how to live his life. He was looking for a different path, and he wanted to do something he was passionate about.

Aaron came home from traveling at the same time Tom, his close friend since 12 years old, was dreaming up a new CBD business. Aaron was one of the friends that received Tom’s homemade CBD lotion, and he had his own CBD experience that made him a believer in the future of the industry. CBD is now a part of Aaron’s daily wellness routine.

Aaron and Tom went out to have a glass of wine at a spot in Alameda, CA that overlooks the San Francisco bay, and Tom drew the outline of a business plan on the back of a wine flight menu. Tom’s pitch was that he and Aaron could help people in a meaningful way, take CBD mainstream and build a great business, but do it the right way. They could work with people they trust and care about.  They could prioritize work/life balance. They could wake up every day and decide how to live. Aaron was all in.

Michelle Long

Director Of Health And Education

Michelle has been teaching Yoga for 20 years, she has her Master’s Degree in Holistic Health Education, she’s an entrepreneur and she has spent her career developing proprietary wellness programs that help people heal naturally. She faced her own health struggles in 2017, and western medicine did not have an answer. Michelle made it her mission to self-diagnose and heal, and she focused on natural stress reduction remedies.

Michelle focused on optimizing her lifestyle to reduce stress and allow her body to heal. She began experimenting with CBD as part of a broader natural wellness system for stress reduction, and she quickly saw health benefits. The wellness program she developed for herself would go on to become The Treatment™, a natural wellness routine that incorporates a daily dose of CBD into a full life approach to reducing stress and promoting healing.

Michelle went on her annual family vacation to Trinity, CA in 2019, soon after transitioning away from her previous business. In Trinity, her brother Tom wouldn’t stop talking about this CBD business that he wanted to launch with her. Given Michelle’s experience with CBD and her background in holistic health education, Tom knew that Michelle was the perfect voice to partner with and take CBD mainstream. The seed was planted, and six months later Michelle and The Treatment™ joined the CBD Plaza team.

Visit the Meet Michelle page to learn more about Michelle’s health journey and The Treatment™.

Heather Young

Director Of Client Services

Heather has her Master’s Degree in Special Education and is a certified Yoga teacher. Heather began dealing with stress and sleep issues after becoming a mom in 2015, so she launched a multi-year experiment and tried dozens of CBD products to find the right ones for her. She found huge benefits and CBD is now a staple of her daily routine. 

After being a stay at home mom for nearly four years, Heather was ready to resume her professional career and get back to work as a board certified behavior analyst. She began working part time and was planning on going back to work full time in 2019. Part of what was driving Heather was a thought that society doesn’t value stay at home moms, and that she needed to work in order to truly be valued. It was the dreaded status quo. Heather was planning to return to work at the same time Tom became obsessed with constructing a lifestyle of balance, and they started talking about breaking down the status quo and building a different way of life for their family.

With a goal of building a healthy lifestyle that provides balance, Heather abandoned thoughts of returning to her role as a behavior analyst, and she decided to follow her passion and become a certified Yoga instructor. As Heather was completing her certification, Tom started to build CBD Plaza and began talking to Heather about building a family business that would allow her to help people benefit from CBD in the same way she has. Heather is now working with the CBD Plaza community to help them find the right CBD products for them, and to find balance that leads to a healthier lifestyle.

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