Meet Our Founders

CBD Plaza is a boutique wellness company that was started by a group of close friends and family members from the San Francisco area. We’ve each gone through our own journeys with CBD and found different personal benefits. We’re here to inspire others to go through their own CBD wellness journeys, and to support them with naturopathic grade CBD and professional self-care coaching.

Here’s the story of how the founding team found their passion in CBD, and why they decided to launch CBD Plaza.


Tom Young

Chief Executive Officer

After experiencing the benefits of CBD in 2018, Tom began experimenting with creating his own CBD lotions. He shared the lotions with friends and family, and they came back begging for more. It was clear that CBD had real benefits, and that most people were completely unaware of how CBD could help them personally.

Later that year, Tom bought a CBD oil as a gift for his wife (you’ll meet Heather below), and the online CBD shopping process felt like making an illegal purchase on the dark web. He wasn’t sure which product to buy, or which brands to trust, and ended up making a bad purchase from a sketchy company.

After experiencing the power of CBD, and making a bad CBD purchase, Tom began researching the industry and identifying the best CBD products in America. Tom then left his career in Silicon Valley and partnered with his closest friends and family members, and they launched CBD Plaza with the mission of helping others experience the benefits of the best CBD product in America.


Aaron Pomerantz

Chief Operating Officer

Aaron has been exploring the benefits of cannabis for more than 20 years. As a California native, Aaron has had access to CBD since it began appearing in dispensaries, and he’s personally found a range of benefits from different CBD products (including Tom Young’s homemade CBD lotion in 2018).

Aaron has connected with more than 1,000 CBD brands on his mission to identify the highest-quality CBD products in America. He’s reviewed every certificate of analysis for every product sold at CBD Plaza, and he’s validated the hemp farming permits for every product. Through this experience, Aaron worked with the CBD Plaza team to develop a proprietary process to identify the safest and cleanest CBD products in America.

Aaron is driven by a passion to help shape the CBD industry as it goes mainstream, with a focus on setting the standards for quality and safety. 


Michelle Long

Chief Wellness Officer

Michelle has been teaching Yoga for 20 years, she has her Master’s Degree in Holistic Health Education, she’s an entrepreneur and she has spent her career developing proprietary wellness programs that help people heal naturally. She faced her own health struggles in 2017, and western medicine did not have an answer. Michelle made it her mission to self-diagnose and heal.

Michelle focused on optimizing her lifestyle to reduce stress and allow her body to heal. She began experimenting with CBD as part of a broader natural wellness system for stress reduction, and she quickly saw benefits. The wellness program she developed would go on to become The Treatment, a stress reduction routine that combines CBD and self-care protocols.

Michelle partnered with CBD Plaza to combine her self-care protocols and expert coaching in a simple daily treatment plan. Visit The Treatment to learn more.

Heather Young

Director Of Client Services

Heather began dealing with stress and sleep issues after becoming a mom in 2015, so she launched a multi-year experiment and tried dozens of CBD products to find the right ones for her. She found huge benefits for both stress and sleep, and CBD is now a staple of her daily routine.

Heather’s CBD experiment continues to this day, and she’s been through every common CBD experience. She’s seen CBD work well one day and stop working the next. Some products have worked well, where similar products from different brands haven’t worked at all. As a behavioral therapist, Heather applied her career training to developing simple dosage routines that are easy to follow.

Heather has worked with hundreds of customers to find the right CBD products and dial in their dosage. To learn more about Heather’s dosage guidance and connect with her, visit our CBD dosage page.

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