Taylor Berry

Registered Nurse and Holistic Health Coach

Location: Los Angeles, CA

My Taylored Life


About Taylor Berry

My name is Taylor, I am a registered nurse and holistic health coach. I started My Taylored Life in 2019 to share my knowledge and passion for health and wellness. I have been a nurse for over 10 years and in the wellness space for 6 years.

Educating people about how to heal themselves, helping them take charge of their health and empowering them to be their own advocate is my passion and purpose in this world.

Diet culture tries to sell us a one-size-fits-all model that makes us think our health is defined by the size of the pants we wear. The truth is, while that may be a small piece of it, our health is so much more than just the physical aspect. I prefer to take a holistic approach when working with my clients.

Holistic health is about healing the whole person. It honors the interconnectedness of self, others, nature, and spirituality. It focuses on protecting, promoting, and optimizing health and wellness. Some of the primary areas of focus in holistic medicine are diet, exercise, environmental measures, attitude and behavior modifications, relationship and spiritual counseling, and bioenergy enhancement.

You are unique and your health and wellness routine should be too. I don’t follow a template, or ‘one size fits all’ approach. We start where you are and we work towards your goals together. If you are tired of the rollercoaster and want to take control of your health, then you have arrived at the right place!

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