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Promote your CBD brand on the CBD Plaza BLOG. Gain brand exposure and a valuable SEO backlink by publishing an article on CBD Plaza.

Your team will provide the BLOG post. The CBD Plaza team will publish your BLOG post within 30 days of receiving your content.



  • No false medical claims: we will not publish any content with false medical claims, according to the FDA’s vews on medical claims. Any content that makes claims of CBD directly benefitting a condition with a medical diagnosis will be rejected. Our editorial team will work with your team to make sure all content is compliant.
  • Formatting recommendations:
    • Word count: minimum of 300 words
    • Avoid long sentences: try to keep sentences under 20 words, whenever possible.
    • Structured content: include an intro, a body, and a conclusion.
    • Use paragraphs and headings: each paragraph should have its own idea or subject, with a heading above the paragraph. Avoid large blocks of copy with more than 2 paragraphs between headings.
    • Natural writing: avoid keyword stuffing, and write for human consumption.
    • Add images and videos: include images or videos with your content.



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