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    Naturopathic Grade CBD Products

    Naturopathic grade CBD products are pre-vetted for safety and quality, and they are the best CBD products in America. They are superior to other products because they have the most robust certificates of analysis (COAs), ensuring they’re free of contaminants and harmful materials.

    Premium ingredients: the best products start with the best ingredients. Naturopathic grade CBD contains the cleanest, purest, and safest ingredients available. All ingredients are listed and have been analyzed by independent ISO-certified laboratories.

    Comprehensive lab tests: some COAs show basic info about CBD % and THC %, where the most helpful COAs show lab results for a wide range of cannabinoids, pesticides, microbials, mycotoxins and heavy metals. Many CBD companies promote their certificates of analysis, but nearly 90% of CBD companies are not spending the extra money to get robust lab results for their products.

    Final product analysis: in addition to being more comprehensive, the most helpful COAs are conducted on the final product that’s offered to consumers. Inferior COAs show an analysis for the hemp extract that was used for manufacturing, but not for the final product. We need to see lab results for the final product to truly understand what’s in it, and to avoid the risk of harmful materials being introduced in the manufacturing process.

    Buy with confidence: naturopathic grade CBD products have been pre-vetted for safety and quality, so you can focus on healing rather than research products. If you need help finding the right product for you, check out our CBD product finder.

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