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      CBD Bundles

      CBD bundles offer an efficient way to test multiple CBD products from the best brands in America. Whether you’re looking for stress relief, pain relief, or better sleep, there’s a CBD bundle for you. Find CBD bundles with oils, ingestibles, topicals, and transdermals.

      CBD Oil Dosage Tips

      Dosage guidance: If you’re new to CBD, start with 10 milligrams in the evening. Hold the oil under your tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing. Wait 20 minutes. Continue with this dosage for 3-5 days so the CBD has time to interact with your body. If the dosage is too low, increase by 10 milligrams. If the dosage is too high, try 5 milligrams the next evening. Repeat every evening.

      Pros of CBD oils: CBD oils are popular for two main reasons. First, the effects of CBD oils are felt quickly, generally within 15-20 minutes. Second, CBD oils can be broken down into any dosage amount, which creates flexibility when adjusting a daily dosage routine.

      Cons of CBD oils: The biggest complaint with CBD oils is dosage complexity. We need to do some math once we understand the size of the CBD oil container, the total amount of CBD in the container, and the amount of milligrams in each dropper.

      Ingestible CBD Dosage Tips

      Dosage guidance: CBD ingestibles include gummies, soft gels, capsules and more. If you’re new to CBD, start with 10 milligrams in the morning, after breakfast. For a medium dosage, 25-30mg of CBD is recommended.

      Pros of CBD ingestibles: CBD ingestibles are popular for two reasons. First, the dosage is super simple. Just take one in the morning, no math required. Second, the effects of CBD ingestibles tend to last longer than CBD oils.

      Cons of CBD ingestibles: the biggest complaint with CBD ingestibles is a lack of dosage flexibility. Many ingestible products contain 25mg CBD, so it’s difficult (or impossible) to take a smaller dose. If you’re new to CBD, try an ingestible with 10mg CBD so you can increase your dosage if you need a stronger effect.

      Topical CBD Dosage Tips

      Dosage guidance: For pain, rub a small about of topical CBD into areas with sore muscles or joints. For stress, rub a small amount of topical CBD into your temples, and go with a product that doesn’t contain menthol or capsaicin.

      Pros of CBD topicals: CBD topicals can be combined with pain relieving ingredients like menthol or capsaicin, for fast-acting pain relief of targeted areas. For stress, CBD topicals can be a good entry-point for CBD beginners that are looking for a mellow effect.

      Cons of CBD topicals: since CBD topicals don’t reach the blood stream, the effects are more mellow than CBD oils and ingestibles. The biggest complaint with CBD topicals is that the stress relieving effects aren’t strong enough.

      Transdermal CBD Dosage Tips

      Dosage guidance: Transdermal CBD often comes in the form of CBD patches and CBD relief wraps. Like CBD topicals, transdermal CBD products penetrate the skin to deliver relief to affected areas. But, transdermal products penetrate the skin more deeply than topicals, so the effects can be stronger and can last longer.

      CBD relief wraps are used for relief of specific areas. They should be applied to the affected area, for the time specified on the packaging.

      CBD patches are used for full-body relief, and patches should be placed on the underside of your wrist, or another vein, for the time specified on the packing.

      Pros of transdermal CBD: They’re simple to use and provide long lasting relief. Just apply to your skin.

      Cons of transdermal CBD: Some customers don’t like the feel of a wet relief wrap; it feels like a skincare face mask, but for your body. The biggest complaint with CBD patches is that patches can fall off when showering, swimming, or exercising. Go with a waterproof patch for stronger adhesive.


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