Naturopathic grade CBD brands.

Envy CBD

Envy CBD is a farm to table CBD company based in Colorado, Minnesota, and Oregon. The company controls the entire production process, including growing the hemp, extracting the CBD, and manufacturing their products. Envy CBD uses ethanol-based extraction, meaning their products are clean, safe, and as pure as possible. Every product is organic and contains no pesticides.

Farmacy Bliss

Farmacy Bliss is a family-owned CBD company. It began as a way to provide pain relief to their mother, Bella, as she underwent cancer treatment. After seeing the positive results of their CBD creations, they dedicated themselves to creating Farmacy Bliss. They offer full-spectrum organic CBD without any pesticides, herbicides, fillers, thinners, or GMOs. Every product is tested by pharmaceutical and third-party laboratories.


Freed is an organic and all-natural CBD company. All Freed products contain zero synthetic chemicals or pesticides—only pure CBD extract.

Greenlife Organics

Greenlife Organics is an organic CBD company based in San Diego, California. The company came to life after the family’s German Sheppard, Aria, was in so much pain she could no longer walk. After adding a few drops of CBD oil to her food, she began walking and jumping just as she had done as a puppy. The family transformed their farm to grow organic, pesticide- and herbicide-free hemp.


Kingsley is a family-first CBD brand based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They are a seed-to-sale business that controls the entire process, which guarantees supreme quality and consistency. Kingsley prides themselves on their pure sub-zero extraction processes, yielding high-quality oil that maintains the terpenes, flavonoids, and major cannabinoids.

Soji Health

Soji Health is a prestigious CBD company dedicated to providing high-quality CBD with incredible absorption rates. They incorporate nano-liposomal technology into every product, meaning your body will absorb over 90% of the CBD. Paired with rigorous testing, Soji Health offers some of the most reliable and consistent CBD products on the market.


Vitagenne was created to help with the daily stresses of life. Their mission is to provide holistic self-care to rebalance the body. They use a natural CO2 extraction process, which yields only pure CBD extract. All Vitagenne products include highly concentrated, hemp-derived CBD.

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