Transformational Aging Practitioner

Lean Aging Wellness

Location: Lancaster, CA


About Ron Kusek

Ron Kusek is a health & wellness coach based out of Lancaster, California. He operates a wellness service called Lean Aging Wellness which specializes in senior health and chronic health issues. Ron is a certified personal trainer, holistic nutritionist, cognitive stimulation instructor, functional aging specialist, and yoga instructor. He is experienced in post-rehab, dementia and Alzheimer’s, meal planning, natural chef services, and advanced fitness programming for fat loss. The Lean Aging Wellness program is designed to highly comprehensive to assist those suffering from digestive health, cognitive dysfunction, mobility issues, and metabolic diseases.

Ron started his health & wellness career while serving in the US Air Force. He loves to see people improve their health and live a high quality lifestyle. In working with the elderly, Ron understands the importance of aging well and managing health conditions properly.

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