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Jaime Frinak, Holistic Nutritionist

I was born and raised in the South and our southern roots never left the kitchen table.  That leaves some interpretation, I know.  While there are many merits to southern comfort food, it isn’t exactly known as a pillar of healthy eating.  Personally, I drank way too much Kool-Aid, ate Popsicles, biscuits, Jell-O, Sweet Potato Yummy, you name it!  As a young adult I traveled internationally and moved around domestically within the two metropolitan cities of Chicago and Los Angeles – both foodie destinations and full of other vibrant culture that I’d been missing growing up.  

I’d always been into food, but it wasn’t a priority early on.  I also liked art, pretty things, and to dress well.  I found that I had a keen sense for these things and a good business direction.  After graduating from Florida State University with a Bachelors in Apparel Design and Technology, I moved to sunny southern California to pursue a successful career in the world of fashion and textiles.  I’m proud of my contributions to that industry throughout the 11 years which I gave to it, but towards the end I began to feel something was missing.  

In 2012 I made the decision to return to graduate school and forge a path to a new career.  In 2016 I completed a Masters in Holistic Nutrition from Hawthorn University.  And late that same year, Food with Attitude came to life!  I’m now blessed to call Asheville, North Carolina my home.  I live here with my husband and love to take advantage of these hills and mountains and all of their offerings. 

I promote a whole foods, traditional way of eating.  I think looking at our heritage and where our ancestors came from and incorporating that into our own dietary systems is paramount.  I believe that every person is unique and has different needs – there is NO one-size-fits-all approach to health.  I work with many kinds of dietary needs including plant-based, paleo, food allergies and sensitivities; all leading back to a varied whole foods approach.  I don’t really count Calories, but if it has worked for you in the past in a weight-loss regimen, we can certainly work it in.

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