Introducing Naturopathic Grade CBD

Hemp CBD was legalized in the United States in late 2018, but it remains largely unregulated as the government works to follow-up with regulation. The market has been flooded with thousands of CBD products, and hundreds of fly-by-night CBD companies have already come and gone by the wayside. With so many companies entering the largely unregulated CBD space, consumers run the risk of purchasing mislabeled or dangerous CBD products. Risks range from inaccurate CBD and THC % labeling, to toxic products with pesticides and heavy metals. The consequences of consuming a bad CBD product can be severe.

At some point, the government will issue regulations for CBD. Until then, the CBD market needs to regulate itself if it’s going to thrive. The theory is pretty simple; if CBD companies offer quality products with accurate labeling, consumers are more likely to experience the benefits of CBD, and the industry is more likely to break into the mainstream. The opposite is also true; if CBD companies offer dangerous products with inaccurate labeling, consumers are more likely to have bad experiences and view CBD as the newest “snake oil” that didn’t work for them. A few bad actors have already poisoned the CBD market with shady products and false medical claims, but the good news is that most CBD products are safe to consume.

CBD Plaza is driving the effort to self-regulate the CBD industry by setting the standards for CBD quality. After speaking with thousands of CBD brands and evaluating thousands of CBD products, our team has worked with Naturopathic Doctors to develop a proprietary system to determine the quality of any CBD product. We coined the term “naturopathic grade CBD” to represent the cleanest and safest CBD products in America. Put simply, naturopathic grade CBD comes with the highest quality independent lab testing in the industry.

Our proprietary CBD product ranking system has three categories of CBD product quality:

  • Unsafe CBD: unsafe CBD products are either known to be dangerous, or can’t be verified as being safe to consume. CBD Plaza does NOT sell any unsafe CBD products. Some of the main concerns with unsafe CBD products are:
    • Hemp grown internationally, in toxic conditions.
    • Hemp grown illegally in the United States, by unlicensed hemp farmers.
    • CBD products that have not been tested by reputable independent laboratories.
    • Mislabeled products with ingredients not shown on the product label.
    • Inaccurate labeling for CBD and THC %.
  • Premium CBD: these products use legally grown hemp from American farmers, have lab tests from reputable independent laboratories, show accurate labeling, and are produced by companies with proper insurance. Most products sold at CBD Plaza are premium CBD.
  • Naturopathic grade CBD: roughly 15% of the products sold at CBD Plaza meet the strict criteria for naturopathic grade CBD, and these are the best CBD products in America. Like premium CBD, naturopathic grade CBD uses legally grown hemp from American farmers, has lab tests from reputable independent laboratories, shows accurate labeling, and is produced by companies with proper insurance. But, naturopathic grade CBD products have more robust lab testing than premium CBD products, so we are able to validate product safety with a higher confidence level. There are two main differences between certificates of analysis for premium CBD and naturopathic grade CBD:
    • Standard vs. full panel lab tests: standard lab tests check for CBD % and THC % to make sure the products are accurately labeled. Full panel lab tests go deeper and test for a variety of cannabinoids, pesticides, microbials, mycotoxins and heavy metals. All naturopathic grade CBD products contain full panel lab tests.
    • Lab tests for raw hemp CBD oil vs. finished CBD products: standard lab tests are conducted on raw hemp CBD oil, before the oil is used in manufacturing. This introduces the risk that dangerous ingredients or toxins were introduced in the manufacturing process. All naturopathic grade CBD products have lab tests for the finished product, after manufacturing, to ensure we have total visibility into product safety.

Today, we view CBD products as being unsafe, premium, or naturopathic grade. This allows us to set a minimum standard for product quality (premium CBD), while also setting apart the cleanest and purest products as being a higher quality. In the future, we will be rolling out a scoring system for naturopathic grade CBD products, to help consumers identify the differences between the best CBD products in America. For instance, a CBD company with full control of the process from seed to shelf (hemp farming, CBD extraction, product manufacturing) will score higher than a CBD company that buys their CBD from third parties or manufactures products at third party locations. Stay tuned!

CBD Plaza offers more than 100 naturopathic grade CBD products from the best CBD brands in America. Click here to view our full line of naturopathic grade CBD.

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