How to Protect Your Skin From Wildfire Pollution

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been an incredibly taxing and stressful year, and many of us are showing this stress through our skin. Elevated stress levels, maskne (yes, there is now a word for mask-related irritation), and the wildfire season has added drying pollutants into the mix. With the smoke making its way across the U.S. to the Tri-State area, it’s clear that the majority of us have been affected.

We realize that skincare may not be taking up a lot of your time right now. If you have been exposed to wildfire smoke and are in a fortunate position to have the time and resources to be worried about your skin’s health, we came up with this helpful and easy guide you can follow.

Air Pollutants Rise 

Not only do wildfires destroy masses of forests, but they produce an incredible amount of harmful air pollutants, noxious gases, and soot that can get clogged in your pores. Long term problems from these types of pollutants include pigmentation and collagen degradation. In the short term, you may notice an increase in acne, blackheads, and increased oil production while feeling dry and irritated at the same time.
Any existing conditions can also worsen, like eczema or rosacea.

Prevention is Avoidance

Staying indoors as much as possible is the best route to take with wildfire pollution. Investing in a good air purifier is also a great idea to combat any smoke that sneaks its way inside.

We know you can’t stay inside forever, so when you do need to venture outdoors, cover up as much as possible. This means long sleeves, masks, and sunscreen applications every 2 hours.

Combating Pollutants

Routines that are full of antioxidants are ideal in this scenario. CBD is an exceptionally powerful antioxidant, more powerful than vitamin C and E. Antioxidants brighten the skin and stimulate collagen production – something that degrades over time with air pollutants.

Hyaluronic-acid is great to use to combat the dryness that comes along with wildfire smoke.

Below, we’ve crafted an easy to follow CBD skin routine with our favorite products.


Wash your skin as soon as you come home from a day out. We recommend Soji Health’s facial cleanser, containing CBD and green tea extract for a powerful antioxidant mix.

Cleanse your skin every day before bed.


Use a sheet mask to infuse healthy antioxidants and nutrients. Freed’s CBD cellulose face mask lists broad-spectrum CBD hemp oil as its first ingredient, meaning that the majority of the sheet mask contains high amounts of CBD. Another key ingredient in this mask is the skullcap root, known for its anti-inflammation and antioxidant properties.

Use a face mask once a week.


Serums offer an easy way to add some extra moisture to your routine. Restoor’s Hyaluronic-Acid CBD serum adds moisture into dry skin and allows the CBD to be absorbed deeply.

Use serums every day, right after cleansing your skin or after applying sheet masks.


Facial oils are wonderful for making your skin feel radiant and protected after a busy day out, but it’s important to remember that a little goes a long way. Healthy Roots deep renew CBD face oil is an antioxidant powerhouse. It contains CBD, vitamin E, jojoba oil, and rosehip oil. These ingredients are anti-inflammation, collagen boosting, antioxidants, and even protect again sun damage (although you should still use sunscreen!).

Use oils once a day, after applying any serums.

If you notice any sudden changes to your skin or prolonged skin irritation, make sure you see a doctor. Pain, rashes, extreme redness and blisters should not be resolved on your own and require medical attention.

We hope this gave you some ideas on how to give your skin some extra love during these unfortunate and scary times. Stay inside and stay safe.

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