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It's time to feel like you again.

Our remedies help you manage pain, calm your mind and sleep through the night.

Relieve Pain

We approach pain management and recovery with natural pain ingredients, and we add a boost of CBD for additional benefits. Learn about our proprietary pain relief methods and find the right product to get relief, naturally.

Feel Calm

Overwhelm is the new lifestyle, and it hits us both physically and mentally. We need to balance physical and mental care to relax and feel calm. Our natural relaxation routines include a kick of CBD for an extra boost of calm.

Sleep Better

Poor sleep is often the result of a busy mind. We use a blend of melatonin and CBD to combine sleep ingredients with calming ingredients for better sleep. Our holistic sleep routines help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.


CBD is only part of the remedy.

Michelle Long, our natural wellness expert, has spent her career developing customized health routines that balance physical and mental care for a holistic approach to natural wellness. As Director Of Health Education at CBD Plaza, Michelle developed the process to help customers find natural remedies for pain relief, relaxation and sleep. Michelle’s proprietary wellness systems blend CBD into a broader set of health initiatives that include self care, healthy eating and low impact exercise. This natural wellness system targets the mind-body connection to optimize our health, without going to the pharmacy.


Extra Strength Liniment Pain Cream With Capsaicin

Our experts recommend this extra strength liniment pain cream from Pure Spectrum, with capsaicin for natural pain relief. Capsaicin is an active component in chili peppers that is beneficial for topical pain relief. This pain cream also includes 1000mg of full spectrum hemp extract, for a high dosage of CBD that delivers additional benefits. We recommend rubbing this cream onto a targeted area with pain, in the morning and in the evening. It works especially well for sore joints and muscles.


For relaxation, our natural wellness experts recommend this extra strength CBD oil from Farmacy Bliss. This oil contains 1500mg of full spectrum hemp CBD, which is a heavy dosage that makes you feel calm. It also contains other cannabinoids that enhance the calming properties through an entourage effect, including CBG, CBC, CBT, CBNA, CBGA, CBDA and THC (<0.3%). Are you ready to relax?

This sleep oil from Soji Health comes highly recommended by our wellness experts, and includes both melatonin and 5HTP for sleep help. This sleep oil also contains a broad spectrum hemp formula, which is non-psychoactive and delivers a sense of calm. We love the mess-free pump for its accurate dosing and easy application before bed. Say good night and enjoy deep, restful sleep with this mellow minty goodness.

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