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About CBD

Yes! Hemp CBD was legalized in the United States in 2018. All of our products use verified legally grown hemp from American farmers.

No. CBD does not make you feel high. Our full-spectrum CBD products contain tiny amounts of THC that won’t make you feel high.

Absolutely! We verify the safety of every product we carry. All products have been lab tested by reputable 3rd parties, to ensure what’s on the label is in the container.

CBD Certificates Of Analysis

A certificate of analysis, or COA, is a lab report from an accredited laboratory that analyzes the amount of various substances in the CBD product.

Not all COAs are equal.

Some COAs test for a limited amount of cannabinoids and harmful substances, where other COAs simply test for THC% and CBD %.

Some COAs test the CBD extract before it’s used for production, where others test the finished product.

The ideal COA should contain:

  • Finished products – Testing for finished products, after manufacturing.
  • Cannabinoid potency – the cannabinoid profile tests for potency and purity of CBD, THC and other cannabinoids. Basic tests will show CBD and THC, where more extensive tests also measure CBG, CBN and other cannabinoids with potential benefits.
  • Terpenes – terpenes are found in hemp plants, are responsible for the unique aroma of hemp, and may have therapeutic benefits.
  • Pesticides – this data shows whether the product is contaminated with dangerous pesticides from the hemp farming process.
  • Heavy metals –   this data shows us whether the products are compliant with Prop 65, which limits the amount of acceptable heavy metals in consumable products.
  • Residual solvents – this test is really important because it measures the safety and quality of the product. Harmful solvents may be introduced during hemp extraction, and these solvents may be present in the finished product.

While every data point in a COA can be valuable, there are three data points that are most important.

  1. THC – THC content needs to be less than 0.3%. Anything above 0.3% is federally illegal under the Controlled Substances Act.
  2. CBD – CBD content should accurately reflect the product label.
  3. Contaminants – the finished CBD product should be free of contaminants, including pesticides, heavy metals and residual solvents.

CBD Dosage

Start with a max of 10mg CBD per day and adjust your daily dosage as necessary.

For stress, we recommend starting with this CBD soft gel.

For sleep, we recommend starting with these CBD gummies.

For pain, we recommend starting with this CBD roll-on cooling stick.

For CBD beginners, we recommend starting with ingestible products that contain a low dose of 10mg CBD or less. 10mg is a good starting dose for beginners, and dosage can be adjusted in 10mg increments.

CBD helps calm the mind so we can relax. Many people say they feel an absence; an absence of a racing mind, an absence of worrying thoughts, and an absence of feeling stressed out.

CBD by itself does not help you sleep, but calming the mind can allow us to relax and sleep better. CBD with melatonin can help with sleep.

CBD can be combined with pain relief products like menthol or capsaicin, for either a cooling or warming pain relieving sensation.

Some of our customers feel the effects of CBD the first time they try it, and others don’t feel the effects until 7 days or longer. 

If you’re not seeing your desired effect, increase your daily dosage by 10mg. Continue with this dosage for 3-5 days. If you’re not feeling your desired effect, increase your dosage by 10mg. Repeat until you reach your desired effect.

All CBD products are great for stress, so the best CBD product comes down to preference.

CBD oils are recommended if you’re looking for a fast-acting option with great dosage flexibility.

CBD ingestibles are perfect if you’re looking for simple dosage and long-lasting effects.

CBD topicals are great for targeted pain relief, or for a more mellow option for stress relief.  

CBD patches are for general relief, and are a great mess-free option on the go.

CBD topicals and CBD transdermals with menthol or capsaicin are best for pain relief.

Topical CBD: we recommend starting with this CBD roll-on cooling stick.

Transdermal CBD: we recommend starting with this CBD relief wrap.

CBD oils and ingestibles with melatonin are best for sleep. If melatonin makes you feel tired the next day, try a CBD oil or ingestible without melatonin. The stress relief from CBD without melatonin can calm the mind and promote better sleep.

CBD may interact with other medications. Consult your doctor if you are interested in CBD and are currently taking medications.

Most people do not experience any side effects, but some people report feeling tired or jittery from CBD.

If you’re feeling tired or jittery from CBD, your daily dosage is likely too high. Cut back your current dosage by 5mg per day, and continue adjusting your daily dosage until you reach the desired effect.

If you feel tired after taking CBD, your dosage is likely too high.

If you’re feeling tired or jittery from CBD, your daily dosage is likely too high. Cut back your current dosage by 5mg per day, and continue adjusting your daily dosage until you reach the desired effect.

CBD will not make you feel high. Some CBD products sold at CBD Plaza contain less than 0.3% THC, which is a trace amount that won’t make you feel high.

CBD products that are labeled as “full spectrum” contain trace amounts of THC (<0.3%).

If you don’t want any THC, we recommend broad spectrum CBD products. Broad spectrum CBD products contain CBD and a variety of other beneficial cannabinoids, but no THC.

For topical pain relief, we recommend this broad spectrum CBD roll-on cooling stick.

Naturopathic Grade CBD

Every product at CBD Plaza is uses premium ingredients and has been lab tested by independent labs. Naturopathic grade CBD goes a step further and has the most extensive lab testing, for finished products, to ensure products are free of contaminants and harmful materials, and harmful materials.

Premium ingredients: the best products start with the best ingredients. Naturopathic grade CBD contains the cleanest, purest, and safest ingredients available.

Comprehensive lab tests: some COAs show basic info about CBD% and THC%, where the best COAs have lab results for a wide range of cannabinoids, pesticides, microbials, mycotoxins and heavy metals.

Finished product analysis: some COAs show data for the raw CBD product that was used for manufacturing, where the best COAs show data for the finished CBD product after manufacturing.

Naturopathic grade CBD: our naturopathic grade CBD products contain the purest ingredients, and they have certificates of analysis with comprehensive lab results for the finished CBD product.

Trial Size Naturopathic Grade CBD Bundle

Each trial size naturopathic grade CBD bundle comes with at least two CBD products every month.

Our CBD experts choose the products in the trial size naturopathic CBD bundle. If you’d like to choose your own CBD products,  select the option to choose your own CBD treatment plan.

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