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Dr. Mansi Vira, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

New Jersey


About Dr. Mansi Vira

My inspiration to pursue holistic medicine is my own life story of being a medical mystery. Since I can remember, I was labeled as the “one with the peculiar” symptoms – enigmas, they called it. I knew that fifteen minutes with my caretakers was not enough to understand my complex medical history and wide range of odd symptoms. I sought Ayurvedic and Naturopathic care at the tender age of thirteen, and that is when my life changed, almost literally. No, my medical issues had unfortunately not vanished, nor reduced to a diagnosis of idiopathic something. What did happen, however, is that I learned to cope with my medical issues using mind-body practices, dietary modifications, herbal therapy, and lifestyle changes. The transformation I witnessed in myself became my impetus to go to medical school, so that I can give my others integrative and personalized health care – combining conventional and holistic medicine.

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