Dr. Sam Madeira, ND, BSc.

Naturopathic Doctor

Location: Seattle, Washington

Apollo Health Clinic

100 Wall St.

Seattle, WA 98121

(206) 779-7747


About Dr. Sam Madeira, ND, BSc.​

Dr. Madeira’s life work is to guide his patients to find their root cause and transformative path to health and to assist them in reaching their wellness goals. His clinical passions are botanical medicine, functional endocrinology, and cutting-edge healthspan & longevity science.

Consistent treatment outcomes in patients include improved energy, fat loss, increased libido, improved sexual performance, and looking and feeling younger. You can learn more about how he works with male patients from listening to his podcast for men’s hormone health, The Dr. Madeira Show.

In 2019, Dr. Madeira was voted by his medical colleagues as a Top Naturopathic Doctor in Seattle, WA in the August 2019 edition of the Seattle Met Magazine. In September of 2019, he hosted a long weekend retreat and taught herbal medicine making during the course, basic botany, herbal actions and uses at SpiritWorks Organic Herb Farm, Whitefish, Montana. He also taught at the Montana Wellness Retreat later the same month at the same location.  

Dr. Madeira is currently deepening his botanical medicine knowledge by being a student in David Winston, RH(AHG)’s 2-year herbal medicine course online. Also, from 2014-2016, Dr. Madeira worked in several Medical Cannabis Clinics in Washington state (in Seattle, Pasco, & Bellingham). He networked with many of his clients who also were in the medical cannabis industry in Western Washington.

He practices in Seattle, WA & Whitefish, Montana, & enjoys spending time with family, skiing, hiking, and traveling as time allows.

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