Dr. Alexis McKeown DPM, ND​

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine / Naturopathic Doctor

Location: Seattle, Washington

The Wellness Firm

100 Wall St.

Seattle, WA 98121

(206) 707-9112


About Dr. Alexis McKeown DPM, ND

Dr. Alexis McKeown’s Podiatry training taught her that a lot of foot and ankle issues are connected to something other than the affected area’s challenging her patients. She realized that she could be more effective for her patients by combining her conventional western training with a more holistic approach, which led her to earn a degree in Naturopathy (ND).

Dr. McKeown has an inclusive practice welcoming all patients. Some of her special interests include Senior/Geriatric Podiatry and overall health, diabetic limb salvage and reconstructive foot surgery and foot issues involving special needs children.

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