Combine CBD with a Simple Sleep Routine

CBD is most effective when combined with a healthy lifestyle that includes a simple self care routine. CBD will not solve all your problems, but when combined with a healthy lifestyle, that includes exercise, proper hydration, a well balanced diet, at least 8 hours of sleep, and taking care of your emotional well being, it can help maximize your wellness.

One of the most important routines to have in your life is a simple night time routine. We hear countless stories about how people can not fall asleep, or stay asleep, and turn towards CBD to help. Sleep deprivation can cause stress, moodiness, memory impairment, chronic pain, weight gain, fatigue, and a loss of sexual desire. Thousands of people successfully use CBD products for improved sleep. But again, CBD is not a cure-all solution to sleep. If you are on your phone all night, you are not signaling to your body that it is time to rest. It is best to combine CBD with a simple night time routine, to calm your nervous system, and signal to your body that it is time to sleep.

Rebecca Sandoval, owner of Hella Zen Yoga, and CBD Plaza ambassador, knows first hand what it is like to be restless at night, and the frustrations that come without getting enough sleep. She combined something she knew well, yoga and CBD, and came up with a simple night time routine that she does before she goes to bed. The results for her were incredible and she wants to share with you how a simple 5-10 minutes of stretching before bed, breathing, and CBD helped her get the sleep we all deserve to live a healthy lifestyle. Watch below!

About the Author

I found my home yoga practice during stressful college years. It is what got me through the most difficult times in life. What brought me back to the mat was the release and peace I felt at the end of every session. I was simultaneously studying mindfulness through my neuropsychology courses at San Jose State University. I discovered both through numerous scientific research studies and through experience the chemical, psychological, and physical benefits of yoga and meditation.

Fast forward a year after graduating I became a certified yoga instructor in 2017. It changed my life and my connection with my higher self. As a mental health professional I now see and use yoga in a clinical setting as it is implemented in interventions.

​ I am passionate about sharing my love for this self-soothing tool, especially during this day and age. Hella Zen yoga is here to help you create your connection with your higher self and keep you consistent with your practice.

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