#1 Recommended CBD Relief Wrap

This CBD relief wrap delivers long-lasting pain relief to affected areas.

Relief Wrap (3-Pack) - 150mg - Envy CBD

CBD Relief Wrap

$29.99 one time purchase or $26.99 per month (save 10%)

Natural, fast-acting, simple pain relief.

Natural relief for pain and stress.

CBD and menthol deliver a powerful combination of pain relief and stress relief. The menthol delivers a cooling sensation while the CBD helps us feel calm and relax.

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Menthol provides immediate cooling relief, and the transdermal wrap deeply penetrates the skin for long lasting relief.

Simple to use.

Just apply the wrap and leave it on the affected area for at least 30 minutes.


Customer testimonials, from very happy CBD customers.

In addition to cooling pain relief, these CBD relief wraps deliver a calming feeling of relaxation.

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