CBD, the FDA, and the Problem with Health Benefit Claims

The CBD industry is new and rapidly changing. At CBD Plaza, we’ve been keeping up with the evolving rules and regulations, so if you’re new to the CBD market, or just want to understand more about what’s going on, the information below is essential. 

There are Endless Claims about What CBD Can Do

If you’ve typed the word “CBD” into a search engine, you know that there are hundreds of articles making claims about the health benefits of CBD. Many of these claims can be traced back to one or more scientific studies, often published in reputable, peer reviewed scientific journals. I’ve read dozens of these studies and some are undeniably impressive. However, it’s important to note that none of these claims are currently approved by the FDA. Why is this important?

The Cautious Approach of the FDA 

In the United States, CBD is regulated by the FDA. The 2018 Farm Bill removed hemp (defined as cannabis with less than 0.3% of THC) from the definition of marijuana in the Controlled Substances Act. It also explicitly preserved the FDA’s authority to regulate hemp products, including CBD.

Since the bill passed, hundreds of CBD products have flooded the market. Many states have been lenient in allowing this, but the FDA is taking a slower and more cautious approach, working to create science-based guidelines for the lawful marketing of CBD products. Since the agency is also tasked with protecting the public health, their current policy is that no one can make ANY claims about the health benefits of CBD until these claims have been approved, and so far, they haven’t really approved any. Aside from one drug for rare cases of epilepsy, the FDA has not approved any medicinal use for CBD.

The FDA is understandably concerned about safety issues, such as the potential for liver injury, drug interactions, toxicity, CBD’s effect on growing brains and special populations, issues with sustained use, cumulative effects, and so on. 

How CBD Plaza is Different

CBD Plaza keeps up on the changing regulatory environment and complies with all federal laws and regulations. Our mission is to provide our customers with safe, affordable, and reliable access to high-quality CBD products. For this reason, we don’t make claims about the health benefits of our products, since none of those claims are currently substantiated by the FDA. 

We believe it’s important for our customers to have access to unbiased information in order to educate themselves and stay informed about CBD products and the industry in general. While we may provide links to informative articles, we take no position on the claims made by others. We leave it to you, in conversation with a trusted medical provider, to come to a decision about whether or not CBD is right for you. This way, we can continue to provide trustworthy and fully legal access to your favorite CBD products in the hope that you will stick with us for years to come. 

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