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Join our supportive community of wellness entrepreneurs and share CBD products that reduce stress and change lives.

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Adapt to the new normal.

This is bigger than an income stream (although money is always nice). It's about joining a community of self care entrepreneurs, and adapting to the post-COVID economy, and challenging the status quo. It's about thriving in the new normal and building a better future.

You're in control.

Make it your side hustle, or go big and make it your main hustle. You're the boss, and you can decide. Our platform empowers you to invest the right amount of time for your unique lifestyle.

Our safety promise.

We take product safety seriously, so you can recommend CBD Plaza products with confidence. We carefully vet every CBD product for quality and safety, and we only work with premium brands. If it's on the label, it's in the container.

Take a chance, we've got you!

You're in control, but you're not alone. Our team of successful entrepreneurs provides mentorship, training, online coaching and additional resources to build you up.

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The way you promote CBD Plaza is entirely up to you. Some of our ambassadors promote CBD Plaza every day, while others do it a few times per month. No matter how much time and energy you invest, we’re here to support you from day one. Getting started is simple, just take these steps and you can be up and running today.

Step 1
Sign Up For Free
Sign up to be an ambassador for CBD Plaza. It's 100% free and you'll never be required to purchase anything.
Step 1
Step 2
Get Your Personal Link & Coupon
After you create an account, you'll get a personal link with a unique code that tracks sales from your customers. You'll also get a coupon code that will allow your customers to save 10% or more.
Step 2
Step 3
Recommend CBD Plaza
Send your customers to our CBD shop, or connect your customers with our CBD dosage experts. We're here to answer questions, provide personalized recommendations and assist your customers.
Step 3
Step 4
Get Paid Monthly
You'll earn at least 10% commission for every purchase made by your customers. Most customers spend around $100 per order at CBD Plaza, so our ambassadors earn about $10 per sale.
Step 4

Create a recurring revenue stream by selling monthly CBD subscriptions.

When your customers subscribe to a monthly plan, you’ll earn a commission on their subscription EVERY MONTH. This allows you to earn money for months or years in the future, for sales you make today. What’s better than passive income?

Wellness Starter (Sour Gummies, Soft Gels and Body Lotion) - 370mg - Kore Organic

Here's how it works.

Social Media

Promote CBD Plaza on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat and your other social network pages. By posting links with your unique tracking code, you’ll earn a commission for any sale that comes from your links.


CBD is new, and people have questions. Talking to your network and recommending CBD in the course of normal conversation is a powerful tool that works well for our ambassadors. If someone is stressed out, you have a solution for that!

Website & Email

If you have a website and email list, you can easily promote CBD Plaza and earn a commission. Use our marketing materials, offer a personal testimonial, or find other creative ways to recommend CBD Plaza to your network.

We'll help you grow.

Social Media Content

Bring new and exciting content to your social media community. We frequently provide marketing materials to our ambassadors, including swipe files and social media posts. In addition, all of CBD Plaza's social media content is available to be re-used by our ambassadors.

Business Coaching

We want you to be successful, and we invest in your success. Our in-house business coach, Michelle Long, MA, works directly with our Ambassadors to help them grow.

No Experience Required

Whether you're new to marketing products online, or new to CBD altogether, you can be successful with CBD Plaza. We provide all the tools and support you need. Just send your customers our way, and we'll work with them to make sure they find the right product and dosage.

Partner with the #1 online CBD store.

With more than 600 premium CBD products from the best brands in America, your customers will be thrilled with the selection at CBD Plaza.

Everything you need to know.

Someone who has decided to partner with CBD Plaza with the intention of sharing our products and earning commissions for doing so.

Anyone interested in becoming a CBD Plaza ambassador can sign up at by clicking “SIGN UP” and completing the application form.

It’s 100% free. There are absolutely no obligations.

Influencers earn a minimum of 10% commission on sales to their customers. In addition, ambassadors may earn special bonuses that change frequently.

Once your Ambassador Application and Agreement has been accepted, you will be able to login to your account and get your unique links.

You make money by recommending CBD Plaza products to your network of social media followers, family members, friends and acquaintances. When they make a purchase with your unique link, you will earn a minimum 10% commission.

In general, the ambassadors who dedicate the most time and effort to CBD Plaza earn the highest commissions. The average sale on CBD Plaza is about $100, so ambassadors can expect to earn about $10 per sale, depending on the items their customers purchase.

No. This is not a multilevel marketing opportunity. 

You can cancel your account at any time. There are absolutely no obligations.

At this time, CBD Plaza products are only available in the United States. We ship to all states except for Idaho, Iowa and South Dakota.

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