Recommended CBD products.

Our CBD curators are obsessed with quality. Here are all their favorites.


Every item at CBD Plaza is premium quality. A small batch of our cleanest products with the most thorough independent lab testing are marked as naturopathic grade. We recommend the following naturopathic grade CBD products.

CBD For Stress

These low dosage soft gels make it easy to dial in your daily dosage. Start with 1 soft gel in the evening, and adjust by 1 soft gel daily until you reach your desired effect.

With only 3 ingredients (hemp oil, gelatin, glycerin), these medium dosage soft gels are super clean. Take 1 every evening, and add a morning dosage to your daily routine for a stronger effect.

Olive oil and hemp extract. That’s it. This super clean CBD oil delivers 90 days of a low dosage, or 30 days of a medium dosage. Start with 10mg every evening, and adjust daily until you reach your desired effect.

This premium CBD body oil is vegan, cruelty free and gluten free. For a calming sensation, rub a small amount of oil into your temples, neck and shoulders every morning and evening. 

CBD For Pain

CBD and menthol combine to deliver fast-acting relief for sore joints and muscles. This cooling CBD gel is mess free, for use at home or on the go. Start with a trial size, or spoil yourself and go big!

These cooling relief wraps contain CBD and menthol for soothing relief. Place the wrap on the affected area and let it go to work. This wrap penetrates deeply into your skin for a lasting effect.

CBD For Sleep

This CBD oil contains melatonin and 5HTP to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Start with 1 spray under your tongue, an hour before bed, and settle in for an amazing night of sleep.

These medium dosage CBD gummies contain melatonin to promote better sleep. The gummies stay in your system all night, allowing you to not just fall asleep, but stay asleep.

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