There's a better way to live.

We believe in a whole life approach to feeling good.

Our Why

There is an old way of living that has dominated our culture for generations. It’s the way of overachieving, pushing ourselves to exhaustion, taking uninspiring jobs, and leading lives that maintain the status quo. When we live this way, we end up feeling overwhelmed, anxious, worried, and unhappy. Our bodies hurt, it’s hard to sleep, relationships suffer, and we just feel overall flat. Sound familiar?

Deep down we know there is another way to live. We crave to break these old patterns and to feel good again.

We know that vitality is our natural state. We just got lost in the old ways of living.

The good news is there is another way to live, and the old ways are starting to die. We see this everywhere. Systems and structures are breaking down. People are waking up to injustices and all the harm we’ve done to the earth. People are beginning to innovate, change how they work, and see the value of slowing down. We are looking for new ways of living because we realize we can’t go on like this anymore. The old way is simply not sustainable.

We want to feel calm, peaceful, and healthy. We want to work with passion and creativity. We want to inspire and have fun. We want our lives to feel meaningful, to be outside, to garden, to cook, to connect. We want to feel good in our bodies. We want to live a more fulfilled life.

This means moving from overwhelm to calm. It means taking care of ourselves and doing things that inspire us. It means self-care, joy, healing, and living a simpler life. Simple yet full.

It means becoming an advocate for ourselves and our own health. It means saying no to the old ways and becoming pioneers of the new way of living.

At CBD Plaza, we see ourselves as pioneers. We are here to innovate. To bring to you a natural remedy for body and mind, along with self-care tips that will optimize your life. We stand for more calm and beauty in life.

We are here to build a bridge from the old way of living to the new, and here’s what that means:

I spent my career chasing money and success in Silicon Valley, and I convinced myself I'd be happy when I became a successful entrepreneur. I reached my goals, but I still wasn't happy because I was pushing myself too hard and I wasn't prioritizing a balanced lifestyle. It took reaching success for me to realize that life is about something different. I decided to slow down, walk away from a successful career in Silicon Valley and start a company that's obsessed with finding balance in life.

Tom Young, CEO at CBD Plaza

The Collective Struggle

The world is changing rapidly. We all feel this, especially now. We are being asked to slow down, innovate, find new ways of working together, connecting, and healing. This is stressful on everyone. The old world is breaking down and we are having to re-think how we live.

People are tired of taking drugs. They are tired of being over-medicated. They are looking for relief from the pain and grief happening in the world right now, and from the stress and anxiety of daily life. They are looking for answers to their health problems because they want to feel good again.

We worry about our jobs, our kids, money, etc., and sleeping is not as easy as it used to be. We feel anxious about what’s happening in the world and want to slow down. We want our work to have meaning and purpose, and our lives to feel enjoyable. We need better work/life balance and many of us are actively seeking it.

There is a big conversation about finding relief in body and mind naturally, using clean ingredients provided by nature. People are seeking natural remedies for beauty and health. They want simple, pure ingredients of the highest quality.

This is why we started CBD Plaza. We started it for you.

Our Story: How CBD Plaza Is Pioneering A New Future

A healthier option. We believe in choosing natural remedies for our bodies and minds. We believe we can find natural ways to heal that are easier on our bodies and on the earth. When we choose natural products for ourselves, we are also choosing to have less impact on the planet. CBD is a natural remedy to finding more balance and wellness. It supports a healthy and natural lifestyle.

Shed the stoner stereotype. We are here to shed new light on CBD. We see CBD as sexy, natural, safe, and vibrant. To us, it’s a key ingredient to living more balanced and beautiful lives. It’s not about getting high, it’s about being your optimal self. It’s about feeling better in your body, calmer in your mind, more connected in your relationships, and more passionate about life.

Not just a remedy, a lifestyle. We are here to look at your whole life and help you discover how to live better. This means getting to know you so we can help you find the perfect CBD remedy and give you self-care and life optimization plans that will help you live better.

Innovation and passion. We are here to innovate and unite our passion for wellness and business. We strive to change and disrupt the CBD industry with honesty, creativity, transparency, and an easy way to shop. We believe finding our passion and working with purpose is a part of the new future.

Clean promise. We promise to only sell the cleanest, purest CBD products on the market. We do our homework so you don’t have to. Focus on what you need to feel better, and we have the rest covered. All of our products are certified for purity by third-party labs and represent the best quality available.

Advocating for a different and better future. We consider ourselves wellness advocates determined to share a better way to live. We believe that when we all feel better and find our unique purpose, the world and the earth will inevitably begin to heal. It starts with us.

Giving back is central to our mission. We are here to innovate and support others. We feel strongly about the earth and supporting hemp cultivation. When you make a purchase at CBD Plaza, we’ll donate 1% of the sale to nonprofits advocating for the regulation and expansion of the hemp industry. We are currently supporting the National Hemp Association.

Next level transparency. We sell multiple brands on our site which allows us to be unbiased toward any one product. We carefully vet each brand to ensure they source the highest quality CBD and other ingredients. We have nothing to hide and strive to make the CBD industry more reputable and trustworthy.

Not just a business, a family. We believe in working with people we love. CBD Plaza was started by our family and closest childhood friends. We grew up together and have come to rely on each other. We believe that part of the new way of living includes choosing who we work with and supporting products we love. We have built a company based on family bonds and lifetime friendships, focused on a product that each of us believes in. Read more about the founders and the family behind the business here.

Our mission. To educate people on a healthier option and a new way to live. Through our continued expertise, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit, CBD Plaza educates clients on the value of CBD and overall wellness with an unbiased and transparent approach to CBD retail. Our goal is to change the way people shop for CBD.

The shopping experience is about you. There are a lot of CBD products out there and selecting the right one for you can feel overwhelming. We’ve got the tools to help you narrow it down, and it all depends on YOU. Tell us who you are and what you are struggling with and we will help you find the right CBD product for your needs. Let us do the vetting. You just worry about you.

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