4 Things Every CBD Shopper Needs To Know

CBD is all the rage right now. It’s also a new industry that’s not yet fully regulated, so the market can be tricky for shoppers to navigate. Which CBD companies are legit? Which CBD products are safe? Which CBD products are right for me? So many questions.

Here are 4 things every CBD shopper needs to know:

1. Stay away from low-quality CBD. Your local florist likely has much nicer flowers than your local grocery store, and it’s because the flowers were sourced from different farms. CBD brands, like florists, source their plants from different farms, so the quality of products across CBD brands varies tremendously. The CBD extraction process and the CBD product manufacturing process are additional areas where CBD brands can vary in quality. It’s important to buy products from trusted brands that use American grown hemp, safe CBD extraction methods and high-quality manufacturing processes.

2. THC is a good thing, and not because it makes you feel high. Hemp CBD products can contain <0.3% THC, which is a tiny amount that won’t make you feel high. If it won’t get you high, then why include THC? There are two reasons. First, the process to remove THC and other cannabinoids can introduce unnatural products into the CBD extract. Second, there’s an entourage effect where small amounts of THC (along with a full spectrum of cannabinoids) can increase the effectiveness of the CBD.

3. Pay attention to the cost per milligram of CBD. When you buy a drink from a grocery store, you’ll often see the cost per ounce of liquid included on the price tag for the drink. This makes it easy to compare prices for drinks across different sizes. The same logic should be applied to CBD shopping. For instance, if I’m comparing 5 CBD oils that all have 1 ounce of liquid but different milligrams of CBD, then it’s important to know the cost per milligram of CBD when deciding which product to buy. You can filter products by cost per milligram of CBD at CBD Plaza.

4. CBD is not a one-size-fits-all product. If you’ve taken CBD before, full spectrum CBD with a medium or high dosage might be right for you. If you’ve never taken CBD before, a broad spectrum skin care product with a low dosage of CBD might be right for you. The point is that everyone’s different and everyone needs to consider their personal situation when deciding which CBD products to try.

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