Modern stress relief.

Calm your mind and relax with a simple CBD treatment plan.

The MODERN Solution For Stress

Today's stress levels are soaring. CBD can help us feel calm and relax. We provide naturopathic grade CBD and professional support, so you can shed the stress and find your zen.

Find the right CBD product for you.

Get started with CBD recommendations, trial sizes, and dosage guidance.

Get started with a personalized CBD product recommendation.

Experiment with trial sizes of the best CBD products in America.

Simple to follow daily dosage plans for any CBD product.

The Treatment is a CBD and self-care plan to melt your stress away.

Michelle Long, MA, is our in-house natural wellness expert. She has spent her career helping others heal, and she developed a simple healing process to help calm the mind and combat stress. The healing process is called The Treatment™, and it combines a daily dose of CBD with nurturing self-care routines for body and mind.

All monthly subscribers at CBD Plaza get access to The Treatment. You'll get a daily email with wellness tips, and monthly wellness Q&A conference calls with Michelle. Are you ready to unlock the healing power of combining CBD and self-care?

The best CBD products in America.

Our curators are on the hunt for the absolute best CBD products in America. We've collected more than 600 premium CBD products, and every product has been lab tested for safety and quality.

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A full line of naturopathic grade CBD.

All of our products are premium quality, but only the very best products meet our strict qualifications to be labeled naturopathic grade CBD. Check out the lab results to see the purity for yourself.

Sample new products every month.

Everyone reacts differently to CBD, so a bit of experimentation can help you find your CBD. Our monthly trial size bundles of naturopathic grade CBD make it easy to find the right CBD for you.

Find out what our customers are saying about CBD, stress and sleep.

Check out our #1 recommended CBD products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Hemp CBD was legalized in the United States in 2018. All of our products use verified legally grown hemp from American farmers.

No. CBD does not make you feel high. Our full-spectrum CBD products contain tiny amounts of THC that won’t make you feel high.

Absolutely! We verify the safety of every product we carry. All products have been lab tested by reputable 3rd parties, to ensure what’s on the label is in the container.

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